StayKare Solutions is here to assist you with both long-term or respite solutions, providing excellent and professionally trained staff for your care.

Home Care Services


  • Bathing/Showering
  • Perineal Care

  • Dressing/Undressing
  • Toileting
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Meal Preparation
  • Grocery Shopping




  • Laundry
  • Daily Activities
  • Taking Vital Signs
  • Hospice Support
  • Alzheimers
  • In-Home respite for family caregivers
  • Hip/Knee/Shoulder Replacement
  • Maternity Bed Rest
  • Post - Surgery


Bathing & Hygiene

We at StayKare help with bathing and personal hygiene. It is our goal to assist our clients in a daily routine that will keep their minds alert and feeling good about their appearance.


Toileting & Incontinence Care

Everyone feels uncomfortable or embarrassed when needing help with toileting or incontinent care, but, we must realize this is an issue for many. When we do not take it serious or take action, then we have other issues to deal with, such as unpleasant odors, skin infections, or nausea. We at StayKare  Solutions are there to assist your loved one with this personal care while helping them to keep  and maintain their dignity and self-respect.


Meal Preperation/Feeding/Special Diet

Eating healthy can be very challenging. StayKare caregivers can cook nutritious meals. We help our clients/patients  to stay on special prescribed diets to prevent or control medical conditions such as, diabetes, lactose intolerance, or heart disease.

It is a proven fact that many seniors become depressed and have a loss of appetite so StayKare strives to engage our clients/patients with friendly conversation during mealtime to encourage them to eat.


Light Housekeeping

Housekeeping includes cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, changing the bedding and taking out the trash.


Daily Activity Assistance

StayKare is there to meet whatever need you may have. If you need to go to the beauty/barber shop, we can assist you.  Perhaps you need to go grocery shopping or you have a Dr.’s app. or simply just want to go out to eat or get out of the house for a while.


Medication Reminders

StayKare Solutions is a non-medical (PAS) Personal Assistant Service, therefore we cannot administer medicines but we can assist with opening medication containers, reading labels, and reminding client of their next dosage. In addition, we keep a log book and can take their vital signs.


Hospice Support

StayKare works closely with Hospice insuring that your loved one is kept comfortable in his/her last days. We work to assure that our clients/patients stay clean, dry and are never left alone thru their end of life process.


In Home Respite for Family Members

More and More families are providing care for their aging loved ones in the privacy of their own homes. But there are times when they need to take time off for a planned vacation, the arrival of a new grandbaby or a weekend get-a-way. StayKare provides caregivers  that will come in and stay with your loved one so that you can continue to enjoy living and experiencing the good things in life knowing that your loved one is being well taken care of.


Maternity Bedrest

Unfortunately there are times when carrying a baby becomes a delicate situation and the Doctor orders bedrest.  It is during this time that StayKare can come in and provide the service of caring for that special mother to be and help her by cooking nutritious meals, washing the laundry and perhaps getting the other children off to school. With the guidance of the mother-to-be, we work together to assure that the house continues to run smoothly while she gets the bedrest that she needs to deliver a healthy baby.



Sometimes as we age we do not bounce back as quickly as we would like to.  StayKare provides a service to help with post- surgery stress. We come in for four to eight weeks and help during  your post-surgery recovery. Our services provides cooking nutritious meals, keeping your home clean, personal care, laundry and running errands  until you are able to maintain on your own once again.


Hip/Knee/Shoulder Replacement

Recovering from Hip, Knee or Shoulder replacement can be a challenge. But when you have someone like StayKare encouraging you and helping you with your physical therapy, you will continue you grow stronger and more confident day by day. We will be there to cook nutritious meals, keep your home clean, wash your clothes, run errands and help with your personal care.